The Ergodox EZ plays a big part of my day-to-day productivity and managing chronic pain. Since the keyboard has an ortholinear layout, it requires relearning of how to type.

I set up layouts in Oryx, the keyboard's configurator, that helped me move from my Macbook Pro 15-inch and Surface Book 2 laptops. I was able to adapt to both these layouts within a span of three days.

Both layouts have three layers. The base layer is specific to the device and its keys are placed in a way that was intuitive to my typing on both the devices.. The second and third layers are for numbers and media respectively. The base layer has unobtrusive keys to transition to the other layers. Since the second layer has all the function keys, there's a key to momentarily toggle to it from the base layer.

Feel free to fork them and share how you've improved them or found them useful.